The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


Phil Welker checks the final times before convening the race committee to select the recipient of the Outstanding Paddler Award.

Phil and his wife Nancy form the foundation of the race. And, throughout the serious planning and paddling, remind us all that the goal is having fun promoting outdoor recreation and conservation.

Jim Hennessee graciously accepts the Outstanding Paddler Award. Each year the name of the winner of the Outstanding Paddler Award is engraved onto a brass plaque that is mounted onto a wooden canoe paddle. The paddle is displayed in the Nelson County Tourism Office.

Jim, a double-bladed kayak man, appears skeptical about the utility of "half a paddle". Much good-natured kidding is exchanged between male kayakers and canoeists. One often hears comments like "kayakers wear skirts" and such comebacks like "half the paddle, half the man".
Women, of course are much too mature for such childish shenanigans. :-)

Having Fun at the After Race Cookout
(Supply your own captions for these photos. I'll just get into more trouble if I do it.)

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