The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


Food and Awards After the Race

The Outstanding Paddler Award goes to Kirk Havens

The Outstanding Paddler Award occupies a place of honor at the Nelson County Tourism Office in Lovingston. The office was visited by 14,000 persons last year alone. This honor role of paddlers goes back to '97.

Kirk Havens is a member of the reknowned Havens family of canoeists. Each year the name of the award winner is incribed onto a brass plate that is placed onto a paddle displayed in the Nelson County, VA Visitor's Center. This year, for the first time, an additional wooden paddle was inscribed and given to the winner of the award at the culmination of the awards ceremony. Upon presentation of the paddle to Kirk, he asked that the youngest paddler present come forward. Dan Tucker (age 10) came forward. Kirk then handed the paddled over to Dan asking Dan to retain the ceremonial paddle for him until the awards ceremony at the 2003 race. Dan graciously accepted the offer.

A quick solution to cool temperatures and light drizzle makes for a comfy time.

Some laid-back and relaxed Nelson Area Paddlers.

Phil Welker, race organizer, seems to be contemplating his recently-broken leg.
Phil was paddling again within weeks of his accident. (What do doctors know anyway?)

Ralph Hambric and Conny Roussos discuss the relative merits of the We-no-nah Spirit II.

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