The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


Solo Paddlers In Action

Tom Eick makes a spash again this year winning his class with an outstanding solo time.

Jim Hennessee cruises in the sleek boat in which he has won many awards - including the 2000 Outstanding Paddler Award.

Tim Hall in an incredible effort turns in the best solo time of the day.

Kirk Havens wins the 2002 Outstanding Paddler Award with the fastest solo canoe time.

Ed DeMasters steers a 17' We-no-nah Sprit II through the shoals and takes a third place medal.

Dave Howard negotiates a ledge and finishes second in his red Old Town.

Dave Perault balances speed and agility finishing second in his class.

Dave Thomas's speed is too much for our photographer. Dave easily won the over 50, OC1 solo class.

Conny Roussos pushes a sleek 17' We-no-nah Sundowner as he finishes second behind Dave Thomas.

Carol Tucker, the only solo female paddler in the race this year, demonstrates a kayak power stroke.

Dan Barto, fully air-bagged, demonstrates an excellent sculling draw stroke.

George Krieger, in his classic Shenadoah, paddles through the Phoenix bridge rapid.

Up close and personal, watch John Rudmin hang tough for a third place finish.

Mike Hannan is up to the challange of paddling a sit-on-top 7 miles.

Ron Hambric's Penobscott is rigged for whitewater racing as he chalks up one more.

Dave Perault photos Conny Roussos, Ed Sharp and Dave Thomas in a pre-race scouting run.

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