The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


Tandem Paddlers in Action

Gayle Culler & Ron Ashmore paddle in sync through a calmer section of the river.

Greg Grant and Junior Pippin turn in one of the best times of the day but still can't best Kevin Shifflett in the OC2-Male class.

Kevin Shifflett & Billy Orme bury the competition taking first place in the OC2 Male class.

Karla Havens and Ed Sharp leave no doubt as to why they are perennial national champions.
Karla and Ed turn in the best time bar none - canoe or kayak, tandem or solo!

Paddling through the pain, Don and Scott Francis turn in an excellent OC2 Father/Son Senior time.

Sue and Ethan Saliba are second only to the legendary Ed Sharp and Karla Havens in OC2 mixed.

Connie and Greg Grant leave nothing but their wake as they pull out a third place finish in OC2-Mixed despite very heavy competition.

Who are these two in the Old Town Tripper?

Apres Race Vernon's Galleria

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