The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


Tandem Paddlers in Action

Karla Havens and Ed Sharp smoked the competition as usual.

For the second year in a row Karla and Ed turn in the best time bar none - canoe or kayak, tandem or solo!
Watch for Karla and Ed in the Nationals on the Nantahala in North Carolina in August 2003.

Bob Davis and Larry Lubbers turn in a remarkable time, only 6 seconds behind Karla and Ed.

Their time looks all the more remarkable since this was Bob and Larry's first race on the Tye.

They, too, will be at the Nationals on the Nantahala paddling for yet another national title.

John Proffit and Gregg Grant power through a small rapid.

Risking water over the bow, John and Gregg gamble on an unorthodox route through rock-pile rapid.

John and Gregg captured second in the OC2-Men, just behind national champions, Davis and Lubbers.

Greg Smith and Scott Francis take a nice line through the rock-pile.

Greg and Scott took third place in the highly competitive OC-2 Men's Division.

We'll see these two again at the Great Rappahannock Whitewater Race in Fredericksburg.

Denise Mull and James Luther take it nice and easy,

whether cruising over a gentle ledge or through a raging rapid

Denise and James turned in a third place finish in the competitive OC2-Mixed Division.

Anne Payne and Joanne White grip the gunwales as they negotiate the roughest rapid in the race.

Come on, gals. Look serious! This is a race, you know.
Anne and Joanne in their Old Town Discovery 158 were the only tandem women crew this year.

Ginny Cobak and Tom Coffey ease through a difficult rapid.

Ginny and Tom finished fourth in the competitive OC2-Mixed Division.

Gail and Conny Roussos paddle a 17' Penobscott to a 2nd place finish in the OC2-Mixed Division.

Gail puts the pedal to the metal while Conny wonders who is hiding in the bushes.

The primary goal of a husband-wife team is to make it to the finish without mentioning the word "divorce".

Mike Hannon and Don Francis bounce their way to a second place finish in the Father/Son Division.

There's nothing like taking a little break to enjoy the scenery.

Fortunately the Old Town Scout is one tough boat.

Phillip Barto steadies the craft while Dan maneuvers it through a challenging rapid.

Phillip scouts for rocks ahead while Dan applies power.

Phillip and Dan finished first in the Father/Son Division.

Robert Firehock and Tim Lewis rethink their approach to a rapid.

It's smooth sailing for Robert and Tim on their way to the finish.

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