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Quincy Ayscue's amazing performace is the best solo time of the day.

Quincy wins the pretigious Outstanding Paddler Award for 2004

Jim Farrington's Outstanding performance places him second in OC1Male Advanced behind Quincy Ayscue.

Jim has been a frequent winner of the Randy Carter Award at the Great Rappahannock Race in Fredericksburg.

Conny Roussos manages to eke out a third place finish in the OC1Male Advanced class.

Conny's best time ever in the Nelson Downriver still leaves him 5 minutes behind the "big boys".

A newcomer to the Nelson Downriver, Paul Cavanaugh takes 1st place in OC1Male.

Paul's boat, although shorter than most of the racing craft, is built for speed.

Dave Thomas proves age is no barrier to performance as he takes 2nd in OC1Male.

Dave improved his time by over 4 1/2 minutes over last year - no small feat!

Darrel Cockmann, in a strong showing, claims 3rd in the highly competitive OC1Male.

Skip Folke, a Richmond area boater, is renowned for his whitewater skills.

Skip, in days gone-by, was a river guide on some of the most challenging rivers in the states.

Dave Howard proves that trading boats can make a difference.

Dave trimmed 7 1/2 min. off his time for 2003 when he paddled an Old Town Pathfinder.

Herman Schlimmer takes a perfect line in rock pile rapid.

Herman, a competent, consistent boater, trimmed over 1 min. off last year's time despite lower water.

Bob Whaley, a Virginia paddling legend, leans his boat to negotiate a tight turn.

Bob is known for his whitewater creeking skills throughout the Commonwealth.

Dale Swanson just manages to keep his bow above water as he takes a good line through rock pile rapid.

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